Senior Infant Program

newgallery05.jpg.w300h224In this program we have children ages 15 months to 24 months. The group size is the same as the Infant Program, a maximum of 9 senior infants to 3 staff.

In the Senior Infant Program children are more on the move. They are developing their Language and Gross Motor Skills, they work on Sensory Stimulation and Exploration. They start learning through age specific science activities and being to be introduced to math. They start getting into learning projects and start interacting with the 2 year olds. They go on many walks, using the children’s wagons, they use the outdoor play equipment, swings and slides all while interacting with their peers and Early Childhood Educators.

In this group, Communication Charts are also used to compliment the Educator ~ Parent interaction. Where drop off and pick up times differ from child to child, and Educators have different shifts, the communication charts give specific details on each child’s day.

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