Kindertots Children’s Centre Inc.

Kindertots Children’s Centre Inc is a multi-site fully integrated, licensed Early Learning Centre. We service over 135 children between the ages of newborn to 12 years.

We believe that all children are to be respected for the individuals that they are. Their race, religion and cultural diversity are celebrated and brought into the classrooms so that all can learn.

Kindertots Children’s Centre Inc. is committed to the recognition of Early Childhood Educators as a valuable profession in our society.

We believe…

  • That all children are eager to learn
  • That children have the right to learn through play and to live fully in their own childhood.
  • That they deserve the time to explore, play and make meaning of the world around them.
  • That Educators and children be emotionally and intellectually engaged with each other in learning.

At Kindertots Children’s Centre Inc., Kindertots After School Program and Kindertots After School Too We will:

  • Give the children time to play, so they can begin to understand their world.
  • Share new experiences with them, give them opportunities to build on their interests.
  • Be co-learners and co-researchers along with the children so that we can deepen the understanding of the magical thing called childhood.

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